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Many thanks to all that helped me

To all:

As you begin your weekend I would like to wish you all good health and happiness. This Refi journey began with my neighbor Ray Ferratii, and on to Toby and Michelle and completing the mission to get it over the finish line was Natalie and Antoinette from the County Clerks Office. This last 15 months I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy for sure, but today I completed my Rei and I feel blessed that it is all over, I was treated like family and not just another customer. Having worked for the Jersey City Fire Dept for 35 years I have seen it all in the crazy streets of that city.  I have dealt, with murders, drug overdoses, death of civilians due to fires, and other emergencies that were at times heart wrenching, and I worked the day of 9-11. I was in command of many fires as a chief and I held the lives of many men in women firefighters in the palm of my hands with my decision making and I must say it was less stressful than the last year of drama. I was always a take charge kind of a guy and I have EMPATH QUALITIES inherited from my Mom.  I felt very helpless this last year, but the last 5 months trying to get things done and hold onto my home was to say the least very crazy.  I want to apologize if I was short and stressed at times on the phone as I was carrying all the weight of this divorce and refi with paperwork on top of paperwork.

Many thanks to all that helped me and may GOD BLESS YOU ALL, if there is anything I can do for you down the road please don’t hesitate to reach out as I know many people in this state from high placed politicians, firefighters, and police chiefs that are personal friends of mine.  Sometimes it’s something small that will do the most good.  Good Night and stay well. CHARLIE LIND, JR.