Title Insurance & Lien Searches in New York, New Jersey, Florida & PA

What Is Title Insurance?

Protection against loss

Property Transfer Services protects real estate owners and lenders against loss or damage potential in real estate transactions. If you are party to a real estate transaction, then you’re either a buyer or a lender, and we understand both! The types of losses you can encounter include disputes about who owns the property, easements, encroachments, improperly filed or incomplete documents. Additionally, cases of forgery, fraud, and liens in the title to a property come to light in a title search.

Loan policies and owner’s policies alike

When you enter a property sale, you should be aware of two types of basic title insurances: The loan policy and the owner’s policy. The title insurance for mortgage lenders is called a loan policy. The title insurance for property owners is called an owner’s policy, and it is issued once for a one-time fee at closing, remaining in effect for as long as the property owner or their heirs have an interest in the property.

Secure your Property Transactions

A lien search is an inquiry into public records to determine if there are impending mortgage liens, tax liens, attorney’s liens, mechanic’s liens, judgment liens, maritime liens, or other liens. A comprehensive search of all the claims against a property enables a purchaser to satisfy the debt, and to have the lien released after a closing. Our professional agents at Property Transfer Services know how to plan for clients who want to move forward with secured transactions. Property Transfer Services has our client’s best interests in mind always. Our escrow agents have all the experience necessary to make every facet of your closing a simple and trouble-free transaction, be it a residential or commercial closing.

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