Client Reviews

  • Thank you all for this refi process. Your experience and professionalism made it seamless. I will definitely recommend all of you for future refi needs to our friends and family.

    - Brent, Ashley, & Isla Rae

  • Valerie did a great job!

    - Fania V.

  • Nadine is great to work with. 🙂

    - Jill S

  • First class in their field!!! Number #1 on all aspects ….and they always always always pick up the phone !!! WOW !!! I’ve worked with Property Transfer Services for 20+ years for their supervisor service. IT’S MADE ME A BETTER LOAN OFFICER Thanks PTS!!! Quick access to information, accurate and timely title work, consideration of every situation, pleasant patient-professional staff, closing agents that travel anywhere any time all this with very competitive pricing. PTS gets the loan finish line on time!!

    - Andrew S

  • I have been working with Property Transfer Services for 25 Years. PTS by far outshines all of its competition! Their knowledge, attention to detail, and their dedication to customer service is superior! The true sign of a phenomenal Title Company is a great customer experience Pre-Closing and never any issues Post Closing – THAT IS PROPERTY TRANSFER SERVICES!

    - Edward P

  • Thank you ED!

    Let’s give Debbie a great big welcome into our amazing circle of trust…
    We can’t get much better than this team

    Thank you all for your continued support

    Enjoy the weekend everyone!

    - Mary J

  • Good morale lowers escrow losses, fends off recruiters and translates into a low employee turnover number.

    That in turn impacts the value of your business. Who doesn’t love a win-win?

    I count my blessings every day and wish you all my best for a Happy Thanksgiving.

    - Howard T

  • Janet –

    I know this one turned into a fire drill – I apologize. To make matters worse, the seller’s realtor did NOTHING to assist in the closing, which included preparing my documents.

    In any event, the closing happened and the good guys won!

    Thanks again.

    - Thomas R

  • Hello Nicole –

    Just finished talking with realtor Brian Pruitt, I am happy with the ease and professional work that all parties provided for the sale of my Wellington condo. Thank you so much! Have a safe and healthy holidays.

    Sincerely yours,

    - David Fritz

  • Thank you to all involved with this closing.

    Much appreciated!

    Best wishes for the year ahead!

    Peggy, I recommend this tile company and I will certainly request we use them for our closings in the future.

    – The Mirpuri Family