Nothing but pleased

I am a transactional attorney and have been working with Property Transfer Services for several years now. I have been nothing but pleased with the work they do.

The entire team at PTS is great to work with. They understand the rigors of completing a real estate transaction and do what’s needed to get a transaction across the finish line. They are very knowledgeable, competent and responsive. When I’ve encountered difficult title situations, they have been invaluable in finding practical solutions. When I’ve got pulled into transactions that needs to close yesterday, they’ve always been right there with me to get it done. I cannot think of a time where they have disappointed me in the years I’ve been working with them.

I consider the title agency I’m working with as part of my team when doing a real estate transaction. PTS has never let me down but instead have consistently made my job easier. For that, I would recommend them to anyone.